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My favorite herbs and supplements for Staying Healthy during COVID-19

“He who has health has hope. And he who has hope has everything.”

In this time where so many things are uncertain and many of us are experiencing heightened levels of stress and anxiety, taking care of oneself has never been more important. Of course, washing hands and social distancing are extremely important aspects of fighting COVID-19. What I find isn't being talked about though are the herbs and supplements you could be taking on a daily basis to boost your immune system to help you better fight the virus if and when you get sick with it.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite immune boosting and anti-viral herbs and supplements to help support your body during this crazy time.

Liquid Zinc Sulfate:

Zinc is one of the most important resources to fight viruses such as the Coronavirus which causes COVID-19. When fighting off viruses, the body uses up supplies and even deep reserves of zinc at a rapid rate. It’s very common to become zinc-deficient when you have a virus. Zinc kills viral cells and lowers inflammatory reactions to neurotoxins produced by viruses. I love the one made by Vimergy as it tastes better than most and for kids can be hidden in their drinks if they don't like the aftertaste. My kids and I take this daily. However if you start to feel like you are coming down with a cold, I up my intake to 3-4 times a day.


Ashwagandha is a sweet root that is a powerful immune booster and adaptogen, helping your body to fight off stress. Studies in humans have found that it increases the activity of natural killer cells, which are immune cells that fight infection and help you stay healthy. Ashwagandha is an herb that is best taken long term and not only when fighting a cold. Think of it as the marathon runner of the herbs. It may start out slow, but in the long run, it'll help you win the race.


Turmeric, an antiviral herb, can support the delicate bacterial-rich environment that lines your gut and respiratory tract. And since your health truly begins in your gut, this is an amazing herb to help strengthen your gut and therefore your immune system. My favorite way to take Turmeric is in my daily orange, ginger, turmeric, garlic juice. I juice two oranges, 2 inches of ginger and turmeric each, 2 cloves of garlic (I smash them first and let them sit for 15 minutes before juicing them), and then add in a few drops of black pepper essential oil to improve the absorption rate of the turmeric. If you don't have fresh turmeric on hand, you can always buy it in capsule form, just make sure it has black pepper included in it, as it increases the bioavailability and therefore absorption of the curcumin in the turmeric is improved.

Cat's Claw:

Considered a "miracle medicinal" by the Medical Medium, he deems it to be one of the most powerful anti-virals on the planet. The bioactive pharma-compounds in the herb regulate the destruction of pathogens so that it’s at a level your body can tolerate. Meaning you won't experience a die off effect if you have ongoing chronic health conditions, most of which are caused by viruses or bacteria silently wreaking havoc in your body. I love the one made by Vimergy,, as it is made without alcohol (easier on the liver!) and tastes so good that my kids don't mind taking it. That's a double win for this mom!


Every time I start to feel a "tickle" in my throat, or am feeling run down, garlic is the first thing I turn to. My family always knows when mom is "fighting" a cold. They can smell me from across the room. The joke is always turned though when I am the one in the family to avoid the cold that the rest of them are struggling with. You know it's effective when your 10 year old starts asking to take it when he isn't starting to feel sick. There's a reason why. Garlic is one of the world’s oldest medicines and is an incredibly potent spice that can ward off a variety of illnesses and diseases. It has amazingly high levels of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C and B-6 and minerals such as selenium, calcium, and iron. Garlic also contains very strong antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-cancer, and anti-viral properties.   When taking garlic, I smash the clove first and let it sit for about 15 minutes, cut it into smaller pieces and then take it like I am swallowing a pill. For those of you who are adverse to the smell, you can take it in, odor free capsules are another great way to get the benefits of this natural little wonder. If your immune system is weak already, during this time I would recommend adding garlic to your daily regimen as a proactive way to fight off anything you might be exposed to.

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