Mother of two.  Lover of water.  Shaman.  Reiki Master.  Medical Intuitive.  Wife.   Believer in the power of the human body to heal itself thru food and energy work.

Who I am today is a drastically different version of who I was 10 years ago. 


Two kids, a toxic career and getting sick with a chronic health condition shifted that for me.  As a mom with two young kids who suddenly found myself not able to get out of bed one morning.  Out of nowhere, I had lost my vitality, my energy and it was replaced with shortness of breath, debilitating fatigue, hair loss, brain fog, digestive issues, and severe insomnia to name just a few.  Several doctors and healers and many months passed without any relief to my symptoms.  I had hit rock bottom and was sitting on my floor crying one night when I asked Spirit for intervention and a miracle.  Within days I was guided to Shamanic Medicine and the Medical Medium and I haven’t looked back since.

Today I am committed to sharing the gift that was once shared with me.  The “secrets” around true healing that shouldn’t be so secret.  That our body knows how to heal itself given the right conditions.  That thru using food as our medicine in combination with healing our energetic bodies, we can find our way back to vitality and living the life we were born to live.

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